25 November 2014


It looks like, sometimes, you're just not willing to make the effort to put yourself out there and let others in.

I feel like the blog is a small part of me that I'm willing to share with others.

So, whenever I don't feel like sharing, the posts stop. I really don't know if it's the perks of being a girl, always in a rollercoaster when it comes to moods, or if it's just me.

Sometimes, out of pure and simple lazyness, other times, out of lack of interesting themes to discuss.

The thing is, since I'm not looking at the blog as a way to get rich (although it wouldn't hurt), I feel like I should be able to write only when I feel like it, without feeling guilty about it, even if it means that I'll only post something every few weeks (or months, really).

I understand that for the readers (yes, I'm talking to the two of you behind that screen) it can be a bit boring not to be able to look at a new post every two days, but it is what it is. 

I feel like a fresh look for the blog, is just like a getting a haircut, it's still you, only improved.

So, basically, I'm here to tell you that, behind the curtains, the work is in progress.

18 June 2014

Paris: Round 1 - The Sightseeing

As you already know, by now, I went on a small vacation to Paris a few weeks ago. I ended up with so many photos, I had to divide them in three posts. 

Here's a sneak peek of my first day in Paris.


Photos by Tyrony

23 May 2014

Shopping: Boy vs Girl

Today, at lunch, while we were eating our salad (yes, sometimes we do try to eat healthy), we discussed some things regarding my upcoming trip to Paris. Lugagge is always the hardest part: trying to decide what you cannot live without even if you're away from home for only a few days.
The question was pretty much if I needed to buy a new travel bag, or if I could take everything in the one I already own.
The last few weeks I've been trying not to spend too much money in things I don't need, just so I can do that while I wander around the Champs Elysées. Très chic, right?
It's not an easy thing, I do like to buy this or that, even if I won't be needing it for a while. But don't think I'm alone in this. Even though I'm clearly the (not so big) spender, the Master of the House does like to splurge on a thing or two.
So, while we ate, he ended up saying he had a late night online shopping spree and bought a backpack, a few t-shirts and a cap. I laughed and said: "You know what? You buying yet another cap, it's like me buying a new pair of shoes." I honestly was just trying to make a point for him to realize that I know that I don't need that many shoes, but sometimes, you just can't avert yourself from bringing a cute pair home.
He quickly replied: "- No, it's not. At least you do wear all the shoes you buy. They're much more useful than my cap."
I didn't want to put it that way, but since he decided to put it so clearly... I guess it's fair to set the score straight:
Girl 1 - 0 Boy
Images via web

20 May 2014

Fresh faced vs full make-up

Well, I have to say that I've never been a make-up enthusiast.

I guess the fact that most of my friends never wore too much make-up kinda slowed us down when it came to draw the perfect cat-eye.

When I went away to College, that changed a little bit, I mean, I got to know a lot more girls, with different ideas regarding make-up.

From the Goth girl who always wore wayyy too much foundation (three shades lighter than it should), to the always-wearing-too-much-pink-blush, I always opted for the fresh faced look.

The truth is, I wasn't that good in the whole make up routine. Mainly because I didn't tried that hard.

I tried my best whenever there was an event worthy of my dwellings: weddings, dinner and birthday parties, you know, the usual.

It was only when my annoying adorable under eye circles started to show a little too much, that I really gave in and realised just how much a little concealer can do.

Nowadays, I can't say I put my make up on every single day, but I do try my best. It instantly cheers me up, to have a happy colourful face looking at me on the other side of the mirror. For that, it's worth the extra 5 minutes I spend in the morning.

Not to mention, I have become quite the make up hoarder. I can't seem to resist the gorgeous packaging and colours.

But I guess, as we get older, a little help can't hurt, right?

Images by Tyrony

08 May 2014

Morning musings

It's seems that lately, public transportation became my muse (you can check that - here).
Whenever I hop on the bus, early in the morning, it seems like a entire post is developing right before my eyes.
Well, this time around, I realized how much I dislike the sounds people make with their mouths. I mean, do you really have to chew your gum so loudly at 8 am?
Better that that, have you not brush your teeth after breakfast, and you really need to get rid ot that annoying seed that's stuck and you suck your teeth all the time, making incredibly loud - and irritating - noises for everyone who are just, like you do, trying to get to work without looking miserable?
That's when I usually grab my headphones and start pretending I'm on my way to the beach.
I might as well get some sun, it looks like I've been bathing in bleach for the past few months.
Oh well..
Just floss, people. Will you?

23 April 2014

Working hard, or hardly working?

Whenever I get a really great amount of work at my daily job, my online persona disappears.

I don't do it on purpose, but I feel like, if anything has to be put on hold, it has to be the online life, 'cause I can't pause the offline one. Even though it would sound great, from time to time.

I have to admit, Easter holiday came as such a treat! I managed to get a few days off, and spent it with my family (although it took me a whole day to get a form from Social Security..).

It also gave me the opportunity to plan my next vacation. If you follow me via Facebook, you already know where I'll be heading next month: PARIS.

I couldn't be more excited. I've been to Paris a few times, but this time we'll be extra special, because I'll be going with my brother and sister.

We'll be visiting my sister's best friend, who's been living in Paris for the last year, and we'll hopefully be visiting Disneyland (my last time was when I was 7 yo). 

My french faux pas, is to not have visited Versailles. I'm focusing on correcting that, this time around.

I'm sure I'll be taking tons of photos and I'll be more than glad to share them with you. 

Can't wait! :)

19 February 2014

Giveaway: Shancadri Jewelry

As I told you before, on Facebook, this week will bring a few changes.

As you can easily acknowledge, the blog is looking quite different. I felt the need to shed the dark appearance and embrace a new, lighter side.

Also, I've been approached by the nice people of Shancadri, a small jewelry business who is making their debut online.

They've kindly let me offer you 3 of their gorgeous necklaces, giving three lucky winners the chance to get their hands on one of these:

Fleur de Lis necklace

Chandelier necklace

Butterfly necklace

If you want to enter, all you have to do is:

1. Like Tyrony's Facebook page - here.

2. Like Shancadri's Facebook page - here.

3. Share the Giveaway post via Facebook.

These 3 easy steps will guarantee you a chance at winning one of those necklaces.

The giveaway will end on March 8th, at 00:00 (GMT 0).

The 3 winners will be chosen randomly and contacted via Facebook.

You can always let me know you entered and which one is your favorite at the comment box.

Thanks for participating, and good luck! 

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